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The 4 major stages of EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) Part 2
Saturday 09, 2017

In part one we overviewed the development of Eppstein Barr Virus. For Part 2, we thought we should start to dive into EBV's stages and help shed some light on this generally undetected virus.  A lot of the following information was shared via Anthony William's "Medical Medium" book. 

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The following are the four stages of Epstein-Barr Virus:

Stage 1: Silent Invador

The virus can be contracted a number of ways; Through bodily fluid contact or transfusion of an infected party, or simply by sharing saliva. The reason we labeled stage one Silent Invador is due to the activity of the virus in stage one. During this stage, it lays dormant as it builds up its army of cells and continues to pollute the body with neurotoxins among other things.

The nature of EBV is that it is an extremely intelligent virus. It waits for the perfect timing to launch an all-out war on your organs and your central nervous system.  EBV waits and looks for stress-related hormonal changes like childbirth, loss of a loved one or even a car accident. It does all this while being undetectable via today's test or overall knowledge of the western medical model. The unfortunate fact is that during stage one, when it is most undetectable, the virus is also most vulnerable to being eradicated through treatment.

Stage 2: The Kissing Disease 

If your college experience was like the students depicted in the movies, it consisted of staying out drinking and partying with friends and then pulling all-nighters to finish your homework. As Anthony Williams called it "burning the wick at both ends". The virus has recognized that the body is experiencing hormonal changes with puberty and is in a vulnerable state based on the susceptibility of overall system health during those days of pushing the limits and over-exhaustion. Stage 2 is also the most contagious stage,  hence why it's so rampant during college years. Unchecked EBV turns into Mononucleosis aka "Mono" at this stage... an inflammatory response is triggered and it goes after major organs like the Liver or Spleen. It attacks these organs because of the toxins produced by those two specific organs mentioned. The virus thrives on these toxins and feeds on them to help strengthen its reserve.  

Stage 3: False Negative

After the initial systemic reaction has receded, the lab results will only show the antibodies of the EBV. The doctor will generally provide a clean bill of health at this point since the acute response has been calmed. The virus is no longer active in the bloodstream, it's now acclimated to the environment of your body, and it begins to travel deeper into your nervous system. While it shares space in these organs it's occupied by attaching to various veinous structures or releasing neurotoxins (known as spyroketes) into the bloodstream. The increasing level of neurotoxins also leads to higher levels of inflammation and chronic system atrophe.

The following are some of the symptoms caused by the virus.

- sluggish or poorly performing liver. 

- Hepatitis C 

- Lower stomach hydrochloric acid, resulting in bloating and constipation

- Sensitives to new food

The neurotoxins produced by the virus also produce some of these issues in the Thyroid.

- Weight gain

- Fatigue 

- Mental fogginess

- Impaired memory

- Depression

- Hair Loss

- Insomnia 

- Muscle Weakness

- Cancer!

Stage 4: All-out War

At this stage, the virus may be triggered by any number of events deemed as "stressors". The virus then goes directly after the Inflammed Thyroid and the Central Nervous System... creating heart palpitations, general aches, and nerve pain. It attacks the central nervous system, responsible for major autonomic functions of the body. As these T-cells defenses are triggered, it further attaches to the immune cells responding and deteriorates their defenses. Hence why you may have had a small injury or something that just doesn't seem to go away. Muscle pains, tingling, numbness in the hands and feet. Insomnia and restless sleep or even night sweats. 

We've only scratched the surface of this virus and what some of its potential symptoms. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the necessary tools to heal. The information above isn't meant to be medical advice, we suggest you follow up with your doctor or one of our specialists if you have further questions. 

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James Dyer
6 Jul 19:39

I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH EBV STAGE 4 AND HAVE A VERY SEVERE CASE. all DRS i have seen have Failed TO MAKE AN ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS AND NOW IT IS OUT OF CONTROL AND RUINING MY LIFE. any suggestions or help you may have to offer would be greatly appreciated.THANKYOU,


Beth Rowan
11 Dec 18:00

Read this

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