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My personal journey of battling EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) -Multi series blog post - EBV series part 1: history and the warning lights
Friday 08, 2018

My experience with EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus). The following blog is a snapshot of my experience with EBV. I plan on updating this story after significant milestones. I’m going to share with you all my personal experience with getting the prognosis, and then the steps I’m taking on the advice of a specialist to eliminate it from my existence. Before doing so, I’m going to provide a short glimpse into some of the “warning lights” over the years that I’ve experienced and share with you the improvements in my life both physically and mentally since embarking on this quest of eradicating Epstein-Barr Virus.

I’d consider myself a pretty fit and athletic person. I’ve consistently gone to the gym since I was about 17… 24 years now. I’ve played sports and had what is considered to be a pretty normal upbringing by today’s standards. When I was about 15 years old, I noticed only at particular times that my hands would shake, primarily when I was focusing on picking things up or doing things with my hands. It was so noticeable my parents became alarmed and took me to the doctors. They brought me to my primary care who did some blood tests and looked me over; he couldn’t find anything wrong other than I was anemic. They provided me with these sizeable green iron pills that I had to take; they said it was because I didn’t eat enough meat. After my level’s normalized and they realized my shaking wasn’t getting any better, they scheduled me for an appointment with a neurologist.  They performed MRI’s and CT scans to see if they could find anything. My parents and the doctors were worried I might have MS. All the test came back clean, and so the doctor told me that it’s probably got something to do with my diet.

Fast forward 23 years, the shaking never went away. I was called “Mr. Shakes” by my friends because of how bad it was. Lucky for me I met a doctor, but not one that wears the white coat and walks around with a stethoscope around her neck. She has an instrument so powerful that there is no denying it when in her presence. She could tap into my energy and dive down to the molecular level and identify the causes of my issue. The shaking wasn’t the only issue I was experiencing. My hair started going grey when I was about 25 years old. Like many guys, I’ve been fighting the battle against thinning hair… (Rogan, Propecia, and several other gimmicks). I had such lousy tennis elbow that I couldn’t pick up my kids or open the lid of a jar. Oh, and I would sweat… it didn’t matter if it was the dead of winter in New England or summertime.

The “Doc’ like she loves to be referred to quickly identified that I wasn’t just fighting with father time as the cause of my hair loss, or that it wasn’t MS. The first thing she had me do was to remove meats and dairy from my diet. It was like flipping a switch; I like a lot of people didn't even realize what it’s like to feel what clean living/eating is. Our normal is one of inflammation and your body experiencing the effects of dairy due to being lactose intolerant.  Within two weeks of no dairy or meats, I noticed that my brain wasn’t in a fog and that I wasn’t experiencing the low blood sugar episodes like I would on a daily basis. I had more energy and just felt all around better. I will warn you this comes with a very serious warning label!!!! I have experienced some side effects: I’ve now got a six/almost eight pack. I have to work to keep weight on; I dropped almost 10 lbs. I didn’t need to or want to drop that much weight. Thus I find myself consuming a lot of plant-based protein to keep the muscle mass on. I no longer sweat, just last week, I was working from home upstairs without the AC on, it was about 80 degrees in the room. Normally I’d have to have a towel around my neck wiping off the dripping sweat. I don’t have to buy new white T-shirts and suit shirts consistently because of neck and pit stains. Remember that part of my almost bald spot on the back of my head and the sink and the shower full of my hair? Well, about 4-5 months into eating better and following the supplement regiment, (I’ll be getting to what that regiment is shortly!) I woke up one morning and noticed overnight that my hair was thicker. Within a couple of weeks of that, my bald spot was gone, I no longer find strands of hair in my sink or shower. My hair is growing so fast I now get it cut weekly. Did I mention I  was on Adderall too and that I needed to increase my dosage almost every other month to be able to concentrate and do my job? I no longer struggle with that, and I no longer take that medication. Actually, I make it a point to not consume any type of medication unless completely necessary. I’ve been able to substitute many of the medications, painkillers, etc. with natural path alternatives that leave me feeling clear and in harmony with my surroundings.

Keep an eye out for more on this blog; I'm about to update it with information about the regiment, the test and the findings provided by the doctors. I'll discuss the struggle I encountered requesting the test and even the method for sharing the results.  

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