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Hemp vs. Whey – Protein Comparison
Sunday 17, 2017

I’ve been on both sides of the fence when comes to protein intake. What I mean by that, is that when I was young I just walked into the local supplement shop and selected the cheapest product I could find. Now that I’ve had some time to educate myself and really started paying attention to what I’m putting in my body, I thought I’d spend some time reviewing the major differences between them commercially produced Whey protein vs. Hemp based.

Whey is an animal-based protein created as a byproduct of cheese. (on a personal level I use to be one of the biggest cheese lovers out there…then I watched a video on the production process of cheese and seeing a man stick his arm inside a hole of a live cow that was sitting there being fed hormone-based feed. The lining of the cow's stomach is used in the cheese process. Needless to say, I no longer eat cheese.) Whey protein is considered a complex protein that is made up of groups sub protein of a-lactalbumin, b-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulins, and Lactoferrin. There are several other minor proteins involved. Casein a milk by-product, which is prevalent in Whey protein is considered an inflammatory substance. Technology has advanced the isolation, concentration of Whey protein to allow it to be one of the more dense proteins available on the market. A lot of healthcare industries and products alike have incorporated it into their products to help supplement protein intake. Whey protein is widely utilized and glamorized by the bodybuilding industry.

Hemp-based protein is produced by the sativa hemp plant (no it doesn’t contain THC, and no it will not get you high or make you fail a drug test). Because hemp is a vegetable-based source it’s easier to digest and is considered a healthier source of proteins, fats and amino acids for the heart. Hemp is considered an allergen-free natural based product. Hemp is the only plant-based product that provides the full table of amino acids that you require and would find in animal-based proteins (meat). The product doesn’t require a chemical or synthetic based production process, thus it’s considered a raw product that isn't introduced to heat.

The debate between which proteins are better will continue to rage on for years to come. It’s important to really understand what is going into our bodies and the effect it can have on our body. I’ve spoken to and personally experienced some of the side effects of consuming Whey based protein products. Bloating, constipation, inflammation and upset stomach. A lot of sources will argue that Whey only contains 1 – 0.50% of milk, but the reality is it doesn’t matter how much is in there. Humans are the only ones out there drinking other animals milk after the early years. The symptoms of bloating, constipation, inflammation and stomach pains is your body having an allergic reaction to milk. It’s no different than being lactose intolerant. 

Yes, Whey protein has a higher concentration of protein per gram, but at what cost? The process for isolating and concentrating proteins was only accessible by doctors because of its high cost of producing that. Technology and chemicals have added in the mass production of Whey protein, it’s those processes and chemicals that have me concerned and have made it easy for me to choose an all natural plant based product over mass production.  They hemp-based protein actually has anti-inflammatory agents whereas the Whey has the Casein which produces inflammation and beyond popular belief, there is no level of inflammation that’s considered good for the body unless it’s fighting a virus or something else. Inflammation of a bodybuilder is going to affect your strength and recovery times.

Here’s a high-level breakdown of Hemp Protein vs. Whey Protein:

Hemp Protein:

  • Plant Based
  • Non Bloating
  • Full Panel of Amino Acids
  • Allergenic free
  • Raw = No Heat
  • Per Scoop 110 Calories, 14 Grams of Protein and 4 Grams of Fat
  • Key Omega-6 & Omega-3
  • Heart Healthy

Whey Protein:

  • Animal Based
  • Traces of Lactose
  • Complex Chemical Isolation and Concentration Process
  • Requires Heat to Produce High Density
  • Inflammatory Substance
  • High Protein Per Scoop Ratio 70-96%
  • Has a Full Panel of Amino Acids
  • Per Scoop 105 Calories, 17 Grams of Protein and 1 Gram of Fat

We’d love to hear your personal experiences with either protein and as always if you’ve got a different view, we’d be more than happy to have an open discussion.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


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