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EBV Part 3 - The Engine Lights On!
Tuesday 26, 2017

We've all had the sinking feeling. Driving along and it's a beautiful day outside, the birds are chirping and your favorite song is playing on the radio. You think to yourself what could go wrong, this might be the perfect day! Then out of nowhere the dreaded "Engine Light" comes on. You think to yourself maybe it's just malfunctioning and it will just go off. You tap on the dashboard hoping it will just go away. Otherwise, you may rush right to the dealership and bring it in hoping they'll give you the diagnosis that you're hoping for... one that isn't followed by a bunch of money. 

We've talked a lot about how much is still unknown around EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) from a society and a medical field perspective. Our bodies are giving us "Engine Light" warnings constantly and like either one of the scenarios above no one really knows what's going on. I'm sure you've heard the saying "opinions are like a*holes, everyone has one", well I'd say the opinions out there on EBV are just that opinions and generally off basis. 

There are several areas of the body that can act up and send warning lights like a car. Then we've got several places we could start, we selected the Thyroid as one of the primary organs affected by the virus. Once again a lot of the information gathered for this blog comes from Anthony Williams Medical Medium book. 

The Thyroid wasn't always a source of the issue, it wasn't until the industrial revolution that things for all of us started taking a turn for the worst.  The pollution dispersed into the air and water introduced all sorts of metals and chemicals into our environment which in turn started contaminating our bodies. Metals in the body have a number of negative effects which we'll go into later. The good thing is our diets have several nutrients that counteract and help remove these toxic metals from our body. The bad thing is!!!! around the 20th century, we made huge strides in the advancement of food production and management. Those strides were the ability to remove all those positive nutrients from food... (Yes you read that right... our advancements actually are hurting us!) 

Remember those metals being consumed that are contaminating our bodies? Well, those metals are causing a bunch of negative effects. Off the top of my head, neurons and transmissions being blocked in the brain and nerves. Contamination of several organs leading to inflammation and sluggish functions. We could write an entire blog about metal contamination by its self. It isn't widely known but metals could be some of the root causes of autism and ADHD within children and adults. 

The problem is the medical industry doesn't know the answers and unfortunately for us, they're throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something will stick. What if I told you a crazy story about a doctor from the 1800's who thought we should eat the organs of an animal of the areas that we're trying to treat. You'd think that's crazy right??? Yeah so would I. What if I told you that if you're on thyroid medicine today the likelihood of you still consuming part of the thyroid of an animal is common practice. In a book, I recently read "Aligned" the author made a statement shocking but all too true. The author Olivia Audrey said, "It wasn't too long ago, the medical industry was treating Lime disease by putting leeches on patients". Think about that, for as much technology is available to the doctors today, if they're unsure why not try leeches? 

Women have been hit the worst. They've been feeling the effects and have been undiagnosed for a long time. Women have been screaming for attention but for a number of reasons weren't being heard or being misdiagnosed. The medical industry is still searching for answers and it's going to be sometime before they have them. It wasn't too long ago that a diagnosis was finally reached, all be it a catch-all for any case in which they really don't know what is going on. Thyroiditis = Inflammed Thyroid. If you've been reading my blogs you should know by now that an inflamed organ can be caused for a number of reasons. Everyone especially women were excited to finally have something to point towards for all of the symptoms and issues they'd been experiencing. Other labels that may have been applied were Hoshimotos or Thyroidism a lot of the same in that I would consider these to be catch-alls for diagnosis that meet a number of check marks. However, just because some of the symptoms meet the criteria it doesn't mean they're the answer. The doctors often tag these symptoms with Hosimotos, they believe its the immune system attacking itself, this is inaccurate, our central nervous system will not wage war on itself. It will take steps to protect itself by inflaming areas and sending out army's of cells to attack the viruses or diseases. It's actually viral infections and not the immune system like a lot of medical professionals believe. 

The test available today for Thyroidism, it's the T3 and T4 test. However, they aren't always accurate and could be taken in the ranges just outside of your levels. Then you'd be missed altogether and told you are just fine. Even if you are found to be within normal ranges it still could be considered a misdiagnosis based on your bodies normal levels vs. the medical industries perceived normal ranges. 

A lot of these blogs may seem like I'm bashing on doctors or western medicine. That isn't the case, I don't think they're intent is to purpose misguide or hurt someone. The doctors are doing what they believe is the best answer with the resources available to them. It's the opinion of several authors like Olivia Audrey and Anthony Williams they just don't have all the answers yet. They won't have them for decades from now. It's important that we take control of our health and arm ourselves with as much knowledge as possible to make an educated decision on your wellbeing and treatment. 

While I've got your attention I thought I'd lay out some additional information you could find useful:

What is a Thyroid? It's a small gland at the bottom of the neck, it plays a major role in your overall health.  It regulates how much energy the body (cells) needs, that energy is received from glucose. The cells utilize that energy to repair, growth and provide your body with the overall gasoline, oil, and fuel that an engine needs in order to run. 

What's a Goiter? It's just an enlarged thyroid that turns into Thyroiditis. 

What is a Pituitary Gland? It's the primary driver for your body. It manages all of the endocrine systems. 

What is an Endocrine system? Collection of glands or organism that secrete hormones into the bloodstream for distant target organs. 

I'll end this blog with a note to ensure you understand this isn't considered to be medical advice. We implore you if you believe you're suffering from a Thyroid issue you speak with your doctor or engage one of our specialists. 


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